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I grew up mostly without my parents but I was privileged enough to have amazing grandparents and an uncle who cared and dedicated his life to make sure I have a future. Many kids around the world do not share this fate. Children are our future and there are millions of them around the world who will not have a bright one.

There are many people and small organizations around the world who help children but often, without support and experience they can't do it very effectively. VIVA is an organization which aims to bring those individuals and groups together by creating a network and providing support.

I chose VIVA.org because it uses an intelligent and effective approach to help children at risk in different communities around the world.


Why am I fundraising?


Fundraising feels almost like a requirement if you are undertaking a big trip but this is not why I chose to do this. Neither am I like Arvid Loewen who would defy the limits of what is possible to help children in Kenya.

I am fundraising partly because I have received too much from strangers on and off the road. People have let me into their homes, shared holidays, meals and gone out of their way to help me. Being a student, its very difficult to give back but helping a charity is a great way to do so. And on the way, I hope to discover why some people devote their life to such causes and maybe do so myself.


Why should you care?

Maybe one of VIVA's stories touched your heart or maybe you were in a way inspired from my trip? Or maybe you would rather donate to your favorite charity?

I believe donating is more than just dropping your spare change at a store donation box or giving just to feel better about yourself. Every little bit counts.

If you can't donate maybe some of your friends would? Sharing this story on social media is a powerful way to spread the word for a good cause.

What am I doing?

As I travel I will raise awareness about those issues. My first section through North America will be mainly through remote regions, but I hope to be able to interact more with the local communities as I approach Central and South America. In addition as I visit communities where VIVA is involved, I hope to capture and relay to you the local success stories and how VIVA is making a difference.



If you wish to know more about viva & donate, please visit my donation campaign here

(all donations go directly to viva, I don't collect any portion of it)