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Please note that North America uses NTSC and Europe/Asia PAL.
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SEE THE WORLD North America
from the land of ice... to the land of the volcanoes

This summarizes the 14 full episodes of North America into 3 hours. Including the Ice roads, Alaska, The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, National Parks, CDT, Mexico (both parts), Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Kemano, The Canol Trail & Mackenzie River and Paddling The Darien Gap.
currently not available on youtube and will be DVD only for few months but will eventually be released for free.

*note part 2 is a little rough on the edges but I did not get a chance to render it properly!

*only NTSC version available


SEE THE WORLD 1 & 2. Canada's Arctic and Alaska


This disc includes the first episode: The North/Canada's Arctic in its full length (including the Atlin Lake section which was missed during the initial release) and Alaska.


See The World, Episodes 12, 13 and 14
This disc includes three episodes: Kemano, The Canol Trail & Mackenzie River (The Wild and Beauty of The North) and Paddling The Darien Gap.


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