this page is current as of March, 2019…

what goes where? (if on trail or hike-a-biking, backpack on back with a drybag on it to make the bike easier to move around)

handlebar dry bag has sleeping bag, tent fly (if dry, if not it goes on back), sleeping mat and extra clothes (or food if needed)

handlebar top fruits/veggies/crushable stuff, sometimes the drone.

frame bag has tools pump and all electronics aside from cameras, fuel bottle and stove, extra parts,also tuna cans
(extra spares in plastic bag between the rack and seat tube)

backpack has everything else, mainly stove pot, extra clothes and food

ziploc bags at racktop behind seat this keep spare parts and an extra tube

little drybag at rear disc brake this keeps extra food and heavier stuff i want to keep lower. Like rice and other dense stuff that can take hits on the trail


  • frame: Fatback Rhino FLT

  • drivetrain: SRAM GX1

  • wheels: Turnagain hubs and surly clownshoe rims (100mm)

  • tires: MAXXIS FBF and Colossus on the rear(4.8¨), tubeless

  • brakes: Magura MT7 next

  • suspension: Lauf Carbonara

bags & stuff

  • Light Rear rack from Fatback along on top with Mountain Hardwear Scrambler RX (40L)

  • blackburn cargo cage (doubles up as bashguard)

  • cleaveland mountaineering custom frame bag

  • just a camera bag tied to handlebar and random top tube bag

  • relevate feed bag

  • 30L drybag at front, its light model right now: doite



Camping: REI Quaterdome 1, Sierra Designs BackcountryBed (-7C rated, more like 0C, down), Seatosummit sleepingpad

Cooking: Primus Gas Canister Stove (and beercan alcohol stove), collapsible sea2summit pot, small frying pan, Sawyer in line filter

kind of the whole electronic fleet here. Note: that windows tablet broke and the goal zero panel too (but was replaced)

kind of the whole electronic fleet here. Note: that windows tablet broke and the goal zero panel too (but was replaced)



Navigation,etc: Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7, i dont remember, Samsung Tab A

Lights: black diamond little headlamp

Cameras: GoPro 7, Sony RX10 mark4, Dji Mavic Air

Others: XTpower 20000qc along with goal zero nomad 20(20w) to keep things going

hold on donkey, I am writing my blog now!

Charging up the GoPro while taking a timelapse of the sunset.


I know there were few times during my ride where I was looking for gear, time was short and I just bought the same or something similar that somebody has used for a long time. Here are some highly recommended pieces of gear that I am extremely happy with and would recommend in a heartbeat!

Anker battery packs, Eureka camping gear, Arkel panniers, OMM racks, Blackburn cargo cages, Sawyer in-line filter, Alpacka raft, Jetboil stove, $3 tires from grocery stores in Panama, SLIK light tripods (and cheap too), Chris Murray Wheels, Lauf suspension fork, Magura Brakes, SeatoSummit dry bags, Jeremy Cleaveland (Cleaveland Mountaineering) custom bikepacking bags, Deuter Trans-Alpine backpack, Maxxis FBF and FBR tires (and with Maxxis in general I have never had sidewall fail!), REI quaterdome tent, Baryak, 

REI products - these are USA store that offer great quality gear at great prices! Their stores are traveler's heaven and I spent about 50/50 of my short visit at Washington DC between the REI ... and the museums... :) 
*MEC, the canadian conterapart somehow fails to get their gear as dialed as REI, mec is still ok though…

things I am NOT super happy with (stay away!!!):

MEC raptor drybags, MEC camper 2 tent, Gopro 4 silver (this needs an entire post on its own), Gopro accessories (constantly breaking & replacing), Shimano SLX disc brakes, Big Agnes fly creek ul1 tent, Mavic Air (constant issues and non-international warranty)

Tires: Surly ET tires, Schwalbe Mondial (sidewalls), WTB(sidewalls)

Inflatable pads: Klymit and Thermarest all bulge after few months of use... good warranty though from both companies.



SEAT PACK: tent (except poles), sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tools, down jacket

HANDLEBAR ROLL: Tent poles, stove, food, toileteries, clothes(on top). On pavement I often throw the backpack on top too

CARGO CAGES: extra food, water, tripod

FRAME BAG: electronics, pump, some tools, bananas

TOP TUBE BAG: Camera, speaker

BACKPACK: food (squishable fruits, etc.), book, documents, money and also space for extra food/water if needed.

HELMET: On my head, unless I am carrying fruit out of town

Spare tire can be strapped to frame, bear spray/lock/gopro/feedbag/gps to handlebars


(Review HERE)

 well its kind of a mix and match, a lot of parts were given to me or 2nd hand, here are the more important bits and pieces.

Frame: Surly Troll 26", Rock Shox TK 30 coil suspension fork

Drivetrain (9 speed): I have shimano deraileurs but run whatever cassette and chain I get my hands on. I like the SRAM stuff for the master links, currently running a random chain and shimano cassette.

Wheels (built by Chris Murray): XT hubs (36h), DT Alpine 3 spokes, Sun Rhyno Lite rims.

Other: Brooks Cambium C-17 saddle, brakes: Avid BB7, grips: these Ergon ones with bar ends, flat pedals, no clip in

Tires: mostly what's available, I am not a die hard fan of a specific tire or brand. I've used schwalbe mondials, kenda nevegals, WTB nanos, maxxis and surly ET. They all kind of suck. Now rocking $3.75 Panamenian supermarket tires.

BAGS and tools and stuff

Bikepacking bags (Blackburn Outpost set): Handlebar Roll, Seat pack, top tube bag, 3x cargo cages, frame bag

Backpack: Deuter Alpine 30L

Tools: Casette removal tool, blackburn toolminator 10 multitool, blackburn mammoth anyvalve pump, park tools emergency tire boots, SRAM master links, few spare tubes, some zipties and ductape.

THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY! - I rode a Niner Jet 9 (29",aluminum, SRAM XX1, full suspension) for 3 months this summer while riding the GDMBR/CDT. Looks like they discountinued the model so I can't give you exact specs but its included in the review.