March 2, 2014


While passing by the waterfront trail in Hamilton, I got this idea: Why not ride a bike across? I've walked it last year. The problem was that I have a road bike...

A day later I was able to borrow a fat bike: Salsa Mukluk from Jeff.


The first thing I noticed was that the tires looked bigger than all the photos I've seen. But that doesn't mean the bike is sluggish, I was surprised at how well the bike moved both on pavement and on ice/snow. The low gearing ensured that going up hills in deep snow was possible and enjoyable.

I couldn't see anyone out on the ice, so I went on. I was now the coolest person on the lake.

On the waterfront trail

Or so I thought, I then met Yan who is a photographer and flying a drone above the lake.

He was kind enough to give me the video. I am the tiny dot with the two wheels down there!

Fatbikes are great! You should go in the local bike shop and see if they lend any out.

They are getting more popular, you can get one for just under a grand, more if you are looking at a brand name.

Doing the Iditarod race in Alaska on a fat bike someday would be awesome!


"The problem was that I have a road bike..."


My bike, with "minor" cosmetic damage on the top tube.


"Well, why not?"


That's what I thought one week later on March 8, as I was riding the waterfront trail. We already had a +6C and +2C over the last two days so this will be my last chance to do it this year. 

Soon enough I was on the ice: one hand on the bar, another holding the camera.

Thin tires and ice don't mix well. Cycling was difficult and the ice wasn't so good at some places.

I decided to head back, I want to swim across the bay at some point but definitely not today.

My bike, Giant Defy: Defy all common sense and ride a road bike on ice in spring!


I rode my bike all winter

including a 24day, 2000km Toronto to Halifax ride (Dec 20, 2013 - Jan 13, 2014)


So next time when you are thinking "It's too cold to bike now." Just go out, it gets really easy when you start pedaling.