After my first trip across Canada I became very interested trying to capture part of what makes traveling by bicycle (or else!) so interesting, inspiring and unique. In April 2014 when I took off to cycle around the world I also decided to try and document the journey as best as I can. The plan is to release a video series titled "SEE THE WORLD" which will follow my journey from Alaska to Argentina and beyond. 

Editing those together has been such a wonderful way to tell a story - a way to show you what traveling slow is all about. The scenery, the people, the animals and the sheer unexpectedness (is that a word?) of it all. 

This page will contain all those videos, along with a short description

It's difficult to spend too much time editing while traveling so bear with me on some of the small details, editing mistakes, etc. Although I am generally happy with how all these turn out :)

all videos are available on youtube, links below or to the side --->

Get involved!

music - always looking for music ideas. Do you play? or know somebody who plays? or just want to suggest your favourite artist/song that may fit well with the videos? email me at . Most videos feature popular songs (allowed on youtube but they put ads or restrictions on the video). 

if you would like to translate any of the episodes in any language, message me at (I can email you the transcript and then I will update the subtitles on Youtube)

if you would like to help with the trip & video project and keep the wheels & camera rolling, you can do it here or even set up an ongoing (monthly) support via Patreon. As of 2017, this ride is continuing entirely thanks to your help! it also goes toward maintaining and upgrading video gear.

there is also a gofundme page, if for some reason you would prefer that over paypal

you can check out thepatreon page too! for more info


All episodes. 1-26 available. 27 coming soon. Click on the photo and you will go to the view page with the video and some extra information (or just the video!)

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