this ride is made possible by many people form all over the world

and these wonderful companies!


Over the 3 years since I started, I have returned to Canada to work (3 times tree-planting for 8 months total) and combined with the amazing support from people all around the globe I have been able to keep going.

As of June 2017, I am in Colombia and still going south.

if you would like to help with the video project and the ride, you can do it here or even set up an ongoing (monthly) support via Patreon


Thank you all for being a part of this.


Big thank you to Jim from Johnson Outdoors (Eureka tents and Jetboil) for all the support and ongoing help. I used the Eureka camping kit for a whole year until I switched to ultralight bikepacking gear. I still use it when I go back to tree-plant in canada for few months every year.


I got in touch with Chris Murray, a wheelbuilder from Colorado before starting my trip. He not only built my wheels at cost but was extremely helpful with any and all bike related questions and concerns during the ride. Still, two and a half years later his wheels are doing well.

SUMMER 2015, Blackburn Ranger contest

Through the Blackburn Ranger program bikepacked the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR) and Continental Divide Trail (CDT) in July 2015. I rode a Niner bike, outfitted with Blackburn gear, SRAM components and WTB tires. Giro apparel and Bell helmets.

In addition to organizing the Blackburn Ranger program, I'd like to thank the folks at Blackburn for the ongoing support and being receptive to my feedback. Also for their possitive attitude toward bike travel and effort to get more people on two wheels out there!

Fatback Bikes

In February 2017, after a good six months of saving for and collecting parts I was able to build a fatbike. Fatback (alaskan made brand) was kind enough to give me a Rhino FLT frame and I am looking forward to taking it through some rough places in the Andes!