Costa Rica, the Switzerland of Central America, not so much beacause of the mountains but the prices! It was a big shock to see a lot of essentials double or triple over the border. I cycled through the Nicoya Peninsula, partly through the Ruta de Los Conquistadores and lots of random roads. In the quest to avoid every single National Park, this ended up being quite interesting and very unlike the Costa Rica most travelers will see. 

FULL JOURNAL (with more info on each leg of the trip, photos and stories)

  1. The Nicoya Peninsula
  2. The mountains
  3. Coffee plantations

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  • 00:00 Hun huur-tu - Ancestral Prayer
  • 01:00 Chris Zabriskie - NirvanaVEVO
  • 07:00 Gregory Alan Isakov - All there is
  • 11:40 The Be Good Tanyas - Sleepdog Lullaby
  • 17:45 Old Man Luedecke - Mountain Plain
  • 21:30 Chris Zabriskie - Candlepower
  • 22:10 Joe Stevens - Maggie's Chair