as of November 2017 I am in Peru and going south

(Stats As of August, 2017)

route so far, kind of....

  • Travel Time: 3 years, 7 months ( 7 of which are spent working)
  • Travel Distance: no idea (about 70 000km)
  • Countries: Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Spain, Morocco, Ecuador and Peru
  • Bike & Gear: See gear page
  • Videos: see the video project
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Before the big ride:

  1. Cycling across Canada
  2. Toronto to Halifax in winter

In may 2013 I had a crash with my road bike. Broke a collar bone and 2 hands. During the recovery period I wanted something to look forward to, so I decided to bike across Canada.
3 months later I did it. Vancouver-Inuvik-Thunderbay.
During winter break in school, I rode from Toronto to Halifax.


Near Smitters, BC

2014, April-MAY: Canada's Arctic

Can't really dip my tires in the Arctic Ocean, so I rode onto it instead and camped for the night. Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories

  1. Trip plan
  2. Getting there
  3. Tuktoyaktuk
  4. Day 1: Ice Road Storm
  5. Day 2,3 Aklavik
  6. Day 4-6 McPherson
  7. Day 7,8 The Dempster
  8. Day 9-12 Breakdown
  9. Day 13-15 Atlin Lake
  10. Day 15-18 Alaska Highway
  11. Day 19-26 Cassiar Highway
  12. Bella Coola miniadventure

I was hooked. I wanted to see more of the world. I borrowed money from a friend and flew to Whitehorse, hitchhiked to the arctic ocean and headed south with $20 in my pocket. I cycled 400 kilometers of ice before going on the Dempster Highway. Then the ALCAN and Steward Cassiar through the rest of the Yukon and British Columbia. During the summer I found a job as a Tree-Planter for 3 months.

2014 August-September: Alaska


Riding in Denali National Park, one BIG reason to visit! Denali National Park, Alaska

  1. Top of the world Highway
  2. Denali Highway
  3. Dalton Highway
  4. Denali National Park
  5. To the Canadian Border
  6. Yukon to Haines

Wasn't the plan to go up north again but I headed to Alaska to see what all the fuzz was about. Not going to borther describing it, you need to go and see it.


2014, October-December: GDMBR

Yup, it was winter. 6 hours of pushing my bike to get over a pass. Boreas Pass, Colorado

  1. Canada
  2. Montana
  3. Wyoming
  4. Colorado

It was the west coast or... the mountains. Starting in October and riding through the heart of winter in the Rockies. In Colorado I decided to end the mountain bike route and opt for the highways and the warmer climates of the southwest.

2014, December-2015 January: The Colorado Plateau

Lockhard basin road. "Road" near Moab, Utah

  1. Colorado
  2. Utah part 1
  3. The Grand Canyon
  4. Utah part 2

Kind of pick and choose along USA's national parks. Gunnison, Canyonlands, Arches, Grand Canyon, Capitol Reef and Zion. It was truly amazing to ride in these amazing places, mostly all alone in the winter.

2015, February-APRIL: The Southwest

Riding the closed Tioga Road. 4 days to get over the snow, rangers were chasing me on cross country skiis to give me a ticket! Yosemite, California

  1. Nevada
  2. Death Valley
  3. Yosemite
  4. The West Coast

More national parks, Death Valley and Yosemite. Then the west coast from San Franciso to San Diego.

Luckily I wont a competition and will be riding the GDMBR/CDT next spring. Until then, 2 more months of work.


Since there was no snow the second time around, I had to find other ways to keep entertained. Continental Divide Trail, near uhhh... somewhere in Colorado.

2015, OCT- 2016, JAN: MEXICO

Riding around the rim of Volcan de Toluca to see the sunrise. Toluca, Mexico

  1. Chihuahua
  2. Durango
  3. Jalisco, Michoacan
  4. Morelos, puebla
  5. Oaxaca, Chiapas

Zero spanish, I don't have the stomach for Tequila, I can't stand cilantro and I don't really like corn tortillas!

Riding through the Copper Canyon and then picking the most zig-zagging roads through google maps. Volcanoes, friends, christmas and new year. Love mexico!


Enjoying the vistas in the Guatemalan highlands. Somewhere in north Guatemala.

  1. The Highlands
  2. Volcanos, lakes and thieves

Riding through a not so common route in the highlands and towards many of Guatemala's volcanoes. Chasing a bus to recover my stolen camera and hiking whenever possible. Meeting with old friends and making new ones. The poorest country visited so far, Guatemala offers some amazing off-road cycling. Some caution is adviced around dangerous cities and roads.

2016, FEB-APRIL: El Salvador, HONDURAS, NICARAGUA, COSTA RICA, PANAMA (not shown on map yet)

Finding an excellent get away from the heat on the coast in the mountains of Costa Rica

  1. El Salvador and Honduras
  2. Volcan San Miguel
  3. Nicaragua
  4. Costa Rica, the Nicoya
  5. Costa Rica mountains
  6. Costa Rica, coffee plantations
  7. Panama - the end of year 2

El Salvador & Honduras, amidst safety concerns and robbery hotspots I opted for the main roads across these two countries. Luckily I had friends in both and aside from being approached by armed farmers who thought I was one of the cowthieves everything went smoothly. Nicaragua was back to that good old freedome of sleeping almost anywhere, riding any road (or pushing) and not having to look over my back. Costa Rica, the tourist trap of central america was tough to navigate, instead of welcoming and looking to visit national parks and reserves, I had to avoid them. In addition to high fees ($10-25 for foreginers) they feature expensive camping and food. Still, I was able to find some of the more remote and beautiful spots as I made my way through.

Panama was an outstanding dirt road, volcano climbing, mud bogging adventure. One of the best places I have ever been to and the highlight of Central America.


  1. Treeplanting
  2. Where the hell is Kemano?
  3. The Canol Road
  4. Canol Heritage Trail
  5. The Mackenzie and The Dempster

Back to Canada for a 3rd season of Tree planting and to make some money and as usual I ended up getting caught in some trips to the Arctic Again. The Canol Trail is absolutely the most beautiful and amazing place in North America.


  1. End of Panama, getting to Carti
  2. Packrafting The Darien Gap
  3. Colombia: Tierra Caliente
  4. Colombia: Dirt Road Warriors
  5. Dubai and the Travelers Festival
  6. Oman: Paddling The Musandam Peninsula
  7. The Great Escape from Oman

After the difficult trip up north and paddling The Darien Gap I expected little of Colombia but things took a surprising turn when I was invited to attend a travel festival in Dubai. This led to paddling the Musandam Peninsula in Oman and constant hassle by the coast guard and army checkpoints, I made it just in time to catch the flight but... the connection in Spain did not work. So I spent the new year on the wrong continent.


  1. Morocco: The High Atlas
  2. Spain: Transandalus
  3. Colombia: Los Nevados
  4. Colombia: The Paramo, the Plains and the mystery of the pink dolphins
  5. Colombia: The Eastern Plains
  6. Colombia: Cordillera Oriental
  7. Winter in the Paramo
  8. To The Tatacoa Desert
  9. Nevado Del Ruiz
  10. Hiking Paramo Sumapaz
  11. Central Range: Manizales to Rio Blanco
  12. The Heart of the Paramo
  13. Popayan and the rest of Cauca
  14. Border Bound: Narino

The next possible flight was in twenty days so I had some time to kill. From Spain to Morocco and back along the High Atlas and the Transandalus route. Back in Colombia I was ready to go to Ecuador but a friend asked me if I want to join him riding to Venezuela... so we did, in the completely opposite direction through the eastern plains to Colombia. AIt felt too dangerous to enter Venezuela at the time, so I backtracked for a week back to the Andes and from there zig-zagged amongst that magical Colombian Countryside until... Ecuador!


  1. TEMBR part 1: Tulcan to Pifo
  2. Pifo to Latacunga (Antisana!)
  3. The Quilotoa Loop by bike
  4. Hiking the Quilotoa Loop
  5. Cotopaxi take 2 detour
  6. Latacunga to Riobamba (Chimborazo!)
  7. Going to the Altar (volcano)
  8. Riobamba to a lake
  9. The Inca Trail to Cuenca
  10. Cuenca to Loja
  11. Loja to Peru!

After much time finding the route on my own it was time to sit back, relax and let the TEMBR deliver the promised adventure without having to lift a finger... not a finger.. just the bike! The Trans Ecuador singletrack is one of the most amazing and challenging routes I have ever ridden. While not nearly as remote as parts of North America, it makes it up in challenge and atmosphere. Nothing like pushing your bike through the paramo to a 4500m pass to see some cows eating grass there.