ABOUT | The video project…

After my first trip across Canada I became very interested trying to capture part of what makes traveling by bicycle (or else!) so interesting, inspiring and unique. In April 2014 when I took off to cycle around the world I also decided to try and document the journey as best as I can. The plan is to release a video series titled "SEE THE WORLD" which will follow my journey from Alaska to Argentina and beyond. 

Editing those together has been such a wonderful way to tell a story - a way to show you what traveling slow is all about. The scenery, the people, the animals and the sheer unexpectedness (is that a word?) of it all. 

As of June 2019 there are 31 episodes from the Arctic Oceans to Chile…

So basically these videos are what I see and what I want to record. I take no claim to represent these places as they truly are and each of us will see something different when we go there. I see the mountains, the countryside life and all the wonderful animals and humans that make these places home.

ADS: you will never see ads on videos that I have control of. Most videos use copyrighted songs and youtube plays ads as part of the conditions of use.

CROWDFUNDING | Keep the wheels and camera rolling…

It began slowly in 2015 as I was still doing yearly returns to Canada to plant trees and save money but over the last 4 years, this ride has become entirely supported by viewers. It not only covers basic costs but high end bike and camera gear as well as being able to stop and comfortably edit a new episode on a proper computer and great software!

So if you are able and would like to support me, along with 270+ others, monthly on Patreon I would be glad to have you on my team. If not, keep in mind that I love to share these little parts of the world I see with everyone and do not feel any pressure!

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