My name is Iohan, I am 30 and was born and raised in Bulgaria. When I was 15 I moved to Ontario, Canada where I spent the next 10 years. On the 11th year I got a chance to see the Rocky Mountains and that's when everything changed.

As of May 2019 I have cycled for 5 years from the Arctic Ocean in Canada to Patagonia in Chile and have few more months until the end at Ushuaia, Argentina and then onto Europe. I am always looking forward to meeting amazing new people, visiting wild and beautiful locations and finding new challenges and making friends with dogs. It's a big world and I want to see it. I am also trying to capture a part of the adventure via video series, available free online! 

Third day on my first trip I met a cyclist and he said: "Don't forget to enjoy the ride" It took a while to sink in but attitude matters. You can be cold, miserable and complaining or just have the time of your life in the worst of storms!!!

None of what I've been through would have happened if I waited to get all the right gear, all the planning and of course - felt comfortable doing it.

Just go and do the things you want to do because if you don't try how do you know you can't do them!

-> this page is not super informative on purpose… but if you would like to know more about me, you can see this article (you will need to copy/paste and translate it to English)

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to email me.

if you would like to buy me a beer/lunch or a new tube (note, I havent had a flat since I went tubeless in 2016!!!) you can do so over here!! :)

on a side note - mostly through youtube followers (i think!?), I am building a big following via Patreon. It is reliable and it allows me to continue riding, writing and making videos from any place in the world (as if 2019, chile/argentina). consider making even a small monthly contribution via patreon here.


Ocean channels in British Columbia, Canada

being santa on the GDMBR in Colorado

being santa on the GDMBR in Colorado


the ice road on the Mackenzie river in Northwest Territories

Durango, Mexico

Nevado de Colima, Jalisco, Mexico