What could possibly top riding the GDMBR and CDT? I entered Mexico rather skeptic about what I may find there. The plan was to draw a route on my road atlas, as close to the mountains as possible and see what happens. Along with learning spannish, meeting many friendly people and traversing some incredibly difficult roads, I had my camera searched by the cartel at Copper Canyon and ran out of money in a rather remote area. The ride was amazing, the freedom and the hot mexican days were all but a start of Latin America. 

FULL JOURNAL (with more info on each leg of the trip, photos and stories)

  1. Chihuahua
  2. Durango

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  • 1:34 Axl Ludwig - Morning ( )
  • 3:50 Tom Ross - Original (not available)
  • 8:40 Ground & Leaves - The Greatest ( )
  • 12:25 Gabi - Littlest Birds (not available)
  • 17:14 Kayla Luky - Any Kind of Peace ( )
  • 24:18 Driftwood Holly - Lay With me Tonight ( )
  • 29:50 Ground & Leaves - Holly Lonely Night ( )
  • 36:12 The Kissin' Cousins - King of the Road ( )
  • 42:20 Axl Ludwig - Then I'll be gone ( )