Any attempt to make a nice plan is unsuccessful, things always change I just can't plan ahead too much. I just know that I am somehow getting to Argentina and from there maybe Africa?

August, 2014: I am headed out to Dawson City, Yukon from where I will go into Alaska (do the Dalton Highway and a loop through Anchorage then back through Yukon and to Haines, Alaska). Then Prince Rupert, BC to Banff, AB and follow the great divide mountain bike route to Mexico...

UPDATE: It turns out that I will get to do a Spring Arctic Tour, starting on the shore of the Arctic ocean at Tuktoyaktuk, NT and cycling 200km on the ice road to Inuvik and then another 700 down The Dempster.

April. Polar bears, Ice roads, 20 below zero, mountain passes, 100's of miles without towns, the northern lights and the scenery of the Canadian North-west.

More info: check out this post!

Through my first tour to the Canadian Arctic I had a taste of the life on the road . A 2000km trek in the winter which was supposed to satisfy my wanderlust only ignited it more.

So here I am on my second tour, riding skinny tires and Walmart grade equipment into -35C, snowstorms, ice storms and fierce headwinds... wondering: What would come next?

When I finish tree planting in the summer at Prince George, BC (early August, 2014) I will hitchhike (with the bike) to Deadhorse, Alaska. From there I will ride The Dalton Highway and choose my path as I go South, while taking on The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route across the USA. I will end somewhere in Argentina one year later.

So that's it. There is no day-to-day plan with elevation profile, distances and places to stay. I will start in Alaska and literally do this one day at a time.

My budget: what I earn over the summer. My bike: Surly Troll. My motto: "If you never try something, how do you know you can't do it"

On the road, I hope to:

  • Learn why I love travel. Learn Ukelele. Learn Spanish.
  • Fund-raise for a cause I believe in and maybe on the way find out why some people dedicate their lives doing that.
  • Meet new people, discover different cultures and make new friends.
  • Be sustainable. As much as possible, leave no trace and convince others to care more about the environment.
  • Visit bus 142 in Alaska, made famous by Christopher McCandless's journey and the movie Into The Wild (Stampede trail, Alaska)
  • Climb mount Aucanquilcha (6176m)
  • Not die on the Death road in Bolivia.
  • Get lost... but find the way back
  • Hike a volcano and sleep on top
  • ...
  • Finish this "to do" list...