Into The Arctic

With my second tour now complete (A 2000km winter ride in Canada) I have been wondering what comes next.

A bike ride across a frozen lake

Biking in a Blizzard

Two day spring tour

The plan for the summer was to ride from Calgary, Alberta to Prince George, BC. But that's too easy. How about flying to Yukon and hitchhiking to the shore of the Arctic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories?

The first 400km will follow the ice road and snowmobile trails. I will face the Arctic cold, the Richardson mountains where I nearly froze to death in the SUMMER, the friendly people and small towns scattered across the vast and wild Canadian North.

Ever since I put my bike in a box I have been in denial that this is actually happening.

Cycle Solo from the Arctic?

Well, WHY NOT!

Note: Google doesn't have the information on the Tuk ice road; cover image is from